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CD Emulator Features and Specifications

Concept/Test unit:

USB 2.0 Full-Speed interface
Teens++ development board
40 x 4 LCD screen
4 button control
Hard disk drive for massive ISO storage
Standard fat32 format for easy ISO copying from most OS's
Self Powered through USB
Bootable from systems supporting USB boot

Production unit:

USB 2.0 High-Speed interface
Avr32 atmel soc
4x20 lcd display
4 Button control
SD for ISO MassStorage and Easy swapping
format from within firmware
Standard Fat32 format for easy ISO copying from most OS's
Self Powered through USB
Bootable from systems supporting USB boot

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Got the new EVK1104 dev board

Received the new board on sunday, awsome device - Full graphics LCD, sd/mmc/ce-ata interfaces and tones of ram. oh yeah - high-speed usb interface and on-the-go usb hosting support. The qtouch buttons are kinda cool too.

But unfortunatly the DFU bootloader is corrupted - so I have to use a jtag programmer to get the bootloader reloaded. From what I read it's a common problem. BUT I don't have a jtag progammer! Well ordered that yesterday. (I feel like a kid at christmas that got that awsome new bike, only to realize that I cannot ride it till sommer!)

PS: this board is overkill for this project, but once I have it running on this platform and find out what I don't need i'll make my own boards for a fraction of the price.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

EVK1104 AVR32

Well I pulled the trigger tonight. I ordered an EVK1104 dev board. It's pricy but will give me alot more growth.

Alot more memory and program space.
Plus as an added bonus - High-Speed USB 480mb/s !! Can you say fast cd rom emulation!
The graphic display is an added bonus.
SD memory card - maybe I could do something with that.
CE-ATA interface - interesting, That would use alot less data lines than the HDD IDE interface.

I'll post info once I get this board and do some testing. It will take a little while to get fully operational. Code porting from the 8 bit will take some work, i'll have to check out Dean's site and see if LUFA is ported to avr32 - I though I cought somewhere where someone was working on it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Website up and running

Well started a web site - I am not a web site designer! The site sucks right now but it will get better.

Sense Data - Thorn in my side!

Ok, figured out how to handle the switching of cdroms the proper way.
Now instead of programming a usb disconnect / reconnect to have the system scan for a cdrom change, I handle it through sense keys -  Unit requiers attention / No media / Tray open, Media has changed.
Able to switch cdroms in Windows in about 2 seconds. And no more cdrom disconnects.

This issue was bugging me!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Found the lockup boot issue w/ random systems

On boot some systems would issue the Read TOC with a SCSI allocation length of less then the 20 or so bytes i'd normaly output. So adjusted output to transfer only the allocation length of  bytes and not all by default.

One less bug to think about...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just in case anyone is wondering...

The USB dev board I'm using is a Teensy++ from:

In the video the blob over half the board is JB Weld. Broke the usb interface twice - second time I ripped the interface right off the board. Ended up having to rebuild the Power, Ground traces and had to replace one of the usb resisters. But it still works!

PS: The interface breaking was my stupidity, the board is well designed and works wonderfuly. I don't want to send the wrong message. These boards are great and I would by another one without a second thought.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Added video of CD Emu in action. And found a bug in the code that caused files past the 32 gig limit to not load (DUH!) forgot to add the lba + lbahighbits for the file start address. But all in all testing is going good so far.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Debug routine

Added Debug routine to save all scsi commands to a Session file on the USB HDD.

That way next time I run into a system that won't boot or read correctly from the CD emualtor, I just enable debug mode with session save turned on. Repeat the exact senario that caused the issue. Wait for system lockup then turn session save off and read the file at home when I have time.

Next time I'll have a full snapshot of all commands including the one just before lockup.

I suspect the problem I'm running into is a few systems request TOC on bootup with one of the other TOC format bits set. With all the testing I have been doing for the most part its Read TOC - LBA (0x43,0x00,0x00, ...) but I haven't fully tested any of the other Read TOC formats.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some testing today

Well had an opertunity to test at the shop today.
Tested on 5 systems today.

4 worked good, booted up shop utility cd's without mishap. The 5th didn't work, it supported usb booting but would lockup when the Emulator was pluged in. Didn't have any time to toubleshoot, busy day.
When I get a chance i'll try again, I have a debug mode built in where I can watch the scsi cmd's and slow them down to read the bytes. That should at least let me know where I'm off track.

But for a start 4 out of 5 isn't bad.