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CD Emulator Features and Specifications

Concept/Test unit:

USB 2.0 Full-Speed interface
Teens++ development board
40 x 4 LCD screen
4 button control
Hard disk drive for massive ISO storage
Standard fat32 format for easy ISO copying from most OS's
Self Powered through USB
Bootable from systems supporting USB boot

Production unit:

USB 2.0 High-Speed interface
Avr32 atmel soc
4x20 lcd display
4 Button control
SD for ISO MassStorage and Easy swapping
format from within firmware
Standard Fat32 format for easy ISO copying from most OS's
Self Powered through USB
Bootable from systems supporting USB boot

Thursday, January 27, 2011


SVN repository online:


Feel free to check it out or "check it out" using your favorite svn client.

Teensy++ uses lufa (older 11-09) and avr studio 4
EVK1104 uses avr32 framework 1.6 and AVR32 studio
Custom Board uses avr32 framework 1.7 and AVR32 studio

Want to join the development? Let me know in the forum
Want to know more about the project checkout the site here

Please bear with me on the state of the svn, the teensy++ code will be rewritten with the current lufa code, plus cleaned up.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Have ignored this blog for a while, sorry folks.

The board went together without any disasters, My first designed and soldered board with a qfp144 cpu and I nailed it :) - a couple issues, but hey its beta-ish .

Wrote a bunch of new code, most of which is to conform to the different hardware.
screen:   was vga(320x240) now 4x20 lcd
buttons: was qtouch controlled now 4 tactile switches
Still need to work more with the finer points of the iso to cd emulation. It works but theres allot of room for  growth to fine tune the code and include some of the ignored routines.

Change the way I handle iso files. Before I couldn't support fragmented files, Now can handle fragmented files with only about a 8% loss in speed. Plus with the new setup will easily be able to handle split iso's that are over 4gig's in size( get around the fat32 size limitation).

Looking into svn hosting with, have started the setup process.
in the mean time check out the forum